Attorneys, wealth managers, guardians

You are diligent in your protection of your clients: Legally, financially, ethically. But you need an expert in aging to manage the day-to-day support that your clients require. This is where we come in.

Our experience and education, our insightfulness, and our comprehensive follow-through have made us the top choice for discerning attorneys, wealth managers, and guardians in New York City.

We partner with you. Together we determine the medical and emotional priorities while being ever mindful of preserving client assets to ensure high-quality care into the future. We very much view this as a collaboration. Our job is to manage the day-to-day concerns—refilling prescriptions on time, preventing wandering, finding a substitute when a caregiver is sick—so you can maintain the overview and keep the ship on course.

You receive reports in the format and frequency you request (e.g., written, verbal, video conferencing).

When you have a client who wants to age in place, give us a call at 917-514-8074.

Here are the many ways we can help:

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Assessment and plan

With a friendly and engaging interpersonal style, our care managers create a comfortable interview format while assessing your client in their home environment. We evaluate:

  • Functional abilities. The ability to independently perform activities of daily living. From paying bills to driving safety, making meals, and general housekeeping, we evaluate your client’s higher level abilities. For those who are more frail, we look to areas of mobility (balance and gait) and personal care: Bathing, grooming, dressing, and incontinence.
  • Cognitive functioning. How is the client doing with executive-thinking skills? Short-term and long-term memory? Concentration? Logic? Emotion regulation? Decision making? Judgment? Orientation in time and space?
  • Psychological assessments. Here we screen for signs of depression or anxiety. Also potential psychiatric disorders, all with an eye to deeper evaluation and treatment by medical professionals as needed.
  • Social isolation and loneliness. Recent research has confirmed that staying connected and engaged with others is critical to both mental health and physical health and well-being. We look at community and family connections and the quality of engagement and make recommendations for those situations we feel need more attention.
  • Evaluating the home environment. From fall-prevention strategies to protections against property crimes or identity theft, we look at the physical environment and weigh that against your client’s likely vulnerabilities.

Developing a plan.

Wherever possible, we recommend cost-effective solutions, balancing the need for wise stewardship with the requirements for high-quality care.

  • Fall prevention. Reducing the risk of falls is paramount to safely aging in place. This might involve improved lighting, installation of grab bars, removal of throw rugs. We go through the entire residence and assemble a list of recommended changes to ensure that aging in place remains a wise choice for your client.
  • In some instances, aging in place can be prolonged with the installation of motion sensors and other technologies that forestall the need for in-home care. Our team stays up to date on cost-containing options that promote independence for as long as possible.
  • Support services. From transportation options to in-home caregivers, we suggest providers tailored to your client’s individual deficits. Drawing upon our deep experience in the New York City area, we recommend only reputable services with a standard equal to our own for quality.

After presentation of the plan, you have the option to implement it yourself or hire Urban Eldercare for our ongoing care-management services.

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Arrange and monitor home care

Customized and responsive in-home support is critical to keeping a client in their home through increasing levels of frailty all the way up to their passing. According to AARP, this is the wish of 77% of older adults. Likely it is a priority for those you serve.

From recovery following a hospitalization to daily care of a person with dementia, short-term and long-term attendance can make the difference in the risk of readmission or general safety and quality of life. As care managers, we draw upon the assessment and care plan to inform the home caregiver’s approach and daily responsibilities.

Finding quality care can be difficult. The labor shortage plus generally high turnover in the industry make it difficult to rely upon long-term commitments. This is why we opened our employment agency, Home Care Match. We are able to attract highly educated and committed caregivers because of the more personal relationships we build in an employment agency format. We will assist you with compliance for New York payroll requirements. In return, you receive access to caregivers who are highly trained and very motivated to adapt to the specific wishes of your client (and their families, when applicable). You can be the one to direct care delivery or hire us as care managers to coordinate care.

If you prefer the standard home-care model, we can refer you to top-quality providers. Again, you can direct the care or have us coordinate the day-to-day issues that come up with in-home caregivers.

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Medical advocacy

As your client’s situation becomes medically more complex, you need a knowledgeable patient advocate to address the competing demands of multiple comorbidities.

  • Are the specialists talking to each other?
  • Could polypharmacy potentially increase the risk of adverse events?
  • Who is coordinating services to be sure all the doctors’ recommendations are being faithfully implemented?
  • How do recommended treatments square with the client’s stated goals of care?
  • Who is advising the healthcare proxy concerning effects on quality of life of various treatment decisions?

Let our medical social workers streamline care and communication systems so your client is receiving the optimal benefits of treatment and can avoid expensive, distressing, and preventable visits to the hospital.

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Solo aging

Do you have clients with no family nearby?
Perhaps they have family but have been victims of exploitation by relatives.

Let us help you make important healthcare decisions for these vulnerable adults. We are experts in aging well and translating guidance provided by a living will into day-to-day medical and nonmedical care decisions. From an assessment and plan to ongoing care management, we work with you to provide boots-on-the-ground experience and insight so you can make the wisest choices for these solo agers.

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